Programmatic Cursor Control in qnx 6.5

Hi QNX Masters,

I am wondering if there is a way to programmatically control the cursor in photon/qnx6.5.

I am aware of the funtions gf_cursor_enable, gf_cursor_set, and gf_cursor_set_pos which
allow me to create and move a cursor, but not click one.

I have also tried emitting pointer events at specific coordinates.
This works well for simple mouse clicks, but not so much for scrolling or click and drag operations.
I am aware of the PhInitDrag function but it seems to be for setting up custom dragging in a photon application, not cursor programming at a system level.

In linux based operation systems, there is typically a dev/input/mouse or dev/input/event file that can be read or written too to watch or generate input events as seen here:

Is there anything like this in qnx?

Is there any third party solution or general guidance on how to approach programmatic pointer control?

I think (been forever since I used Photon) you want PhEventEmit()

Here’s an old sample of is being used for a keyboard press


I know this won’t be all that helpful, but you should be able to simulate all mouse events with the PhEventEmit() function. The reason I say this is that the mouse driver itself is doing this in response to hardware input from the mouse. The problem might be that you have to be precise as to where the events eminate from on the screen.