How to use (build) boost qnx 6.6

Hello guys,

I wanna use boost_1_62_0 or lesser version would also be fine.

Does anyone have experience how I can compile boost for qnx 6.6 (gcc 4.7.3)?
I tried to build it with the b2 tool on my windows pc but fail already to set the correct toolset… :confused:


I’ve built boost 1.59.0 for QNX 6.6.0 years ago.
I’ve just read my notes to remember me how to do it. This is a very hacky process. It involves modifying one SDP 6.6.0 source file (complex.h). Are you still interested in the instructions :wink: ?


oh cool. Yes i would try it! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to not forget anything.

First, the instructions are for Momentics running on Windows.
The Momentics project layout looks like this :
File complex.h (green arrow) must be copied in C:\qnx660\target\qnx6\usr\include. It replaces the original one.
Directories stroked out with red are not in the zip : They are used to generate the outputs.
Directories stroked out with blue are not in the zip : these are the folders to be copied from boost sources.

This is the content of boost 1.59.0 archive :
Blue arrows show the directories to be copied into the Momentics project (in boost directory).

You have to run `RunOnce.bat’ to initialize things.
Import the project in your Momentics workspace.

After everything is in place, right-click on the project and click Build Project to build boost.
Similarly, to clean built files, right-click on the project and click Clean Project.
The project is configured to call build.bat and clean.bat with correct working directory.

Now, I need a way to send you the zip of my Momentics project…

Note : Some configuration files come from GitHub - blackberry/Boost: The Boost C++ Libraries.

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Mhmm… It looks like some files in boost_qnx/boost come from the boost archive (bootstrap.bat, boost-build.jam…).

Hi, if you keep the project would you share? It would be so useful.