Sad passing of Terry Laughlin

I’m here not to ask a question but to report the sad passing of Terry Laughlin, a long time user/developer with QNX.

I met Terry in the mid 1980’s when the IBM PC had recently emerged. We were probably introduced by Syd Geraty who was the sales/marketing arm of QNX at the time. Along with Terry there was a small cabal of users who traded tips.

Terry spent most of his career doing contract work using QNX. One early contract that we crossed paths on was at the Visa corporation. Later I worked with him to write an address labling system for the California Retired Teachers Assocation. He introduced me to the other T in his company, T&T Computer products, Tony Mount, a childhood friend who I developed some hardware/software products for QNX with.

As far as I know, Terry attended every one of the early QNX conferences. At one time he also worked for QNX up in Ottawa. He become close with the founders Dan and Gordon. He was a lifelong friend and I will miss him dearly.

If anyone wants to add some anecdotes about Terry, I’m sure that where ever he is he will get a kick out of it.