Explanations to fsysinfo

with fsysinfo i can show me the file system statistic.
I get a lot of values, but i dont know are these values good results or not.
Do any of you explanations for me ?
Which parameters shows me that
anything ist wrong.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked at this command before.
My old server running 6.3.2 does not have this command.
I tried on a 6.5 VM and it is there.

It seems to tabulate requests as well as reads and writes.

The only obvious place to llok for a problem is next to DISK I/O: bad.

On the VM which I run for a few minutes once a week or so, I haven’t restarted it in a year. Even so it reports bad: 0.

That might be a feature of running it in a VM, I/O’s might always appear to work.

Have you had a look at fsysinfo documentation ?

I had done that, but had hoped that there would be more guidance and examples on this topic.