Run all project builders

Somehow my first post was not really postet, so once more:

I created custom Make Targets. For this targets we try to call out own Makefile. We do not use o/o-g for developing in the IDE, but we are bound to the PhAB Make Project, since we need to have PhAB in our project.
Now i try to disable “Run all project builders” in the make target, but as soon i reopen the project, the flag is reenabled and the compiler hits a lot of errors, since he tries to compile oder versions of sorucefiles and files from another project in a mixed project tree.

Is there a way to disable this permanently?

Yey, i just found out my post gone into the newsgroup ^^ damn google threw me here and i thought i was back to the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Alternate i would be fine to be able to define what files should be compiled whithin the IDE … It aways tries to compile the whole tree