USB kbd (text mode and Photon) and USB mouse (Photon)

Hello QNX 4.25 gurus. Are they some news on reliable working of USB keyboard (both in text mode and Photon 1.13) and USB mouse (at least in Photon 1.13)?

If so, where to download the latest versions of usb “drivers” for them? And how/where to launch them for reliable working both in text and graphics mode?

Today’s PC (especially fanless compact ones) have no PS/2 ports for older keboards and mice.

Unfortunately Dev.con will at this point never be changed to support USB/HID devices, however depending on your needs, you can get something that will work well enough, although I expect you probably know about some of these already.

Ensure USB Legacy Mode is enabled in the BIOS. This may start to go away with UEFI, but I’m not entirely sure. If this is enabled and you don’t need USB for any other devices other than mouse and keyboard then that will be enough for text mode and Photon. If however you do need USB, the moment you run io-usb it will toggle the legacy mode bit and the PS2 emulation will go away.

Once you start the USB stack you can’t go back. My QNX4 system would boot up in Legacy mode to the console, from there I could do my console stuff. I modified the ph script to start:

sleep 1

From there I had some scripting that would check to see if /dev/usbkbd0 or /dev/usbmouse0 was present, then start the Input driver accordingly.

Input msoft fd -d /dev/usbmouse0 kbd -R fd -d /dev/usbkbd0 &

The only thing with this is once you go into Photon you can’t go back into text mode without rebooting as you’d need to slay off the USB stack and re enable the legacy mode somehow. I used to have the code to turn this bit off before we updated io-usb to do this automatically, but it seems to be lost, and I’m not entirely sure you can go back, at least I never got to where I’d needed to dig into that.

Hope this helps.