Booting X86 QNX with IFWI having Slimbootloader

Hi I do not find any defined method in QNX Documentation for booting QNX image on a X86 system with SlimBootLoader(SBL) within IFWI image.
What I can do already:
I can boot to SBL shell, and there I can configure the connected USB-stick and jump to qnx-image.

I already tried several times using UEFI and BIOS based QNX-images. But SBL simply does not recognize the file-system on USB-stick.

I guess I need to have a multiboot type QNX-image flashed n USB-stick and then file-system should be detected.
I tried to scroll through info available about creating Multiboot type QNX-image and flashed on USB-stick. But again met with same result -
“File system on partition not recognized.”

I don’t want to go through process of stitching qnx-image inside IFWI image. Rather preferring to simply flash the image in USB-stick, and then from SBL shell make a jump to this image. (Just the same process done in case of BIOS or UEFI based boot loaders.)

So question:
Is there a defined way for USB-stick based QNX-image to boot from SBL?