Qnx driver Issue and video not coming

Dear members,
I got one single board computer with compact flash of 8 GB memory having Qnx6.5.0 os.
The os booted with successfully but after photon script run, the application page doesn’t open and screen says no video signal.
Towards this I had do several changes in order to get the display with application page.
When I checked ram folder, I got so many error log file.
Logs are as follows
1.chkfsys unable to open file /dev/scsi0t79 as chkfsys.err
2. [00] SIM=“”" HBA="53C868LV as scsi. err

If the memory media in this case is Compact flash then why scsi driver and scsi script written in side operating system.
If scsi drive is there, then how could I get.

I don’t understand your question.

It seems like you manage to get Photon and your application to run.

Seeing scsi errors in the log file would be normal if you are using diskboot to start your drivers. Diskboot attempts to start all kinds of drivers including scsi in order to get at least one driver to work with your hardware.


Hi, I have a system having a SBC running qnx6.2.1 and it is working. The OS boot and application loaded successfully. But as the original card become end of life, the oem given new cards with qnx6.5.0. However the new card have following issue and the issues are resolved in stagger ways. But at the end the application should load and we should able to get the display with application loaded.
Now I am able to load every thing except SCSI error as mentioned in first topic, but at end it run ph script. When the system run ph script my display goes blank.

So it seems to be photon loading issue. Now suggest any way ahead

If you run ‘ph’ manually from the command prompt does it start?

If it doesn’t start (you still get a blank screen) then try ‘ph -s’ which runs it in safe mode (16 color 640x480). Does this start correctly?

Once you answer this we can figure out the next step.