Is any version of QNX shipped with a web engine or browser with webassembly support?

I’m trying to figure out if I’m able to port a webassembly based application to QNX. But it is hard to find any information about what versions of browsers and web engine libraries that is shipped with what version of QNX and what features they support.

As far as I understand it, webkit was shipped as a web engine in QNX SDP 6.x (which is used for QNX 6.4 and 6.5?).
This seems to only specify JS 1.7 and ECMA-262 3rd edition
So it would be safe to say that if we are using QNX 6.4 or 6.5 there is no webassembly support?

But SDP 7.x (which is used with QNX 7 and CAR 3?) seems to be shipped together with a modernized browser based on the Blink engine.
This uses the V8 JavaScript engine
which supports webassembly

So for SDP 7, we should be able to run our webassembly based webapplication, right?

The SDP 7 documentation also say that the Blink based browser has QNX PPS support. But I find no such information for webkit in the SDP 6 documentation.

QNX 4 has, as I understand it, no web support to speak of?

There was a Photon specific browser for a while. It was superceed when QNX ported what is no a very old version of Firefox. I can’t recall if either of these browsers worked on QNX 4.

I have SDP6.5, SDP6.6 and SDP7.1 installed on my machine.

In SDP6.5 installation there is a webkit directory with executables inside. There is also a directory named com.qnx.doc.webkit_3.1.0.20120626.

In SDP6.6 installation there is a directory named webkit but I can’t find any related executable.

In SDP7.1 installation, there no webkit directory.

It seems correct that there should be no webkit directory in SDP7.1, since webkit been replaced with the more modern, Blink based, broweser in SDP7.1

Which QNX version are you targeting ?
You are speaking about several versions which is confusing.