Fbackup +force how to

QNX 2.2 Fbackup utility has an option “+Force”. Can’t find much info on it. Says it allows use of non-floppy disks. what disks? How do I use it.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the reason for the option is to overrride a protection mechanism. Otherwise it would be too easy to fbackup to your hard drive, which would lose everything.

So why would you want to override it? You might have a 2nd hard drive that you want to fbackup to. I used to seel a driver for the Iomega Bernoulli Box and later their Zip drive. The latter held up to 250MB which made a nice backup device at the time. I don’t know why one would want to make an fbackup backup on it, but it would be possible and you would need the override.

That’s exactly what I want to do, BU to a second IDE HDD. That would help me alot. Stuffing floppies is getting old.

That’s exactly what I want to do, BU to a second IDE HDD. That would help me alot. Stuffing floppies is getting old.

If you are going to buy a 2nd hard drive and attach it to the system (this is a little tricky) why not just use backup?

Why is it tricky with QNX to have two hard drives? You could put them both on the same controller in which case you have to configure one drive as the master and one as the slave. After mounting the first drive:

$ mount disk 3 /drivers/disk.ata pa=qnx. ( If you. boot off the hard drive you don’t need to do this)

You need the right parameters to mount the 2nd drive

$ mount disk 4 d=3 p=2

The d=3 means use the driver that is already mounted as disk 3. The p=2 means, mount the slave drive.

If instead. you want the 2nd drive attached to the 2nd controller, you will have to mention the i/o port of the 2nd controller. I don’t remember the parameter to do this but if you can’t find it, let me know and I will look it up. You will also have to specify the alternate interrupt.

If you were thinking of mounting the driver twice, you will be in for a surprise. Drivers have a slot number. If you mount a drive the second time it will replace the first driver in the slot and the first drive will not be available.

I ordinarily wouldn’t think in this direction, but since you are using QNX 2, why not.

You could still hook up a Zip drive (100-250Mb) either with a SCSI controller, or better yet, parallel port. You would need my driver. And if you wanted, you could use fbackup with +force.

So “Backup”, not “Fbackup”, could work with a slaved drive on the same controller?

You would first use fdisk to put a partition on that drive, then mount the drive, e.g.

$ mount disk 4 d=3 pa=qnx

and then initialize the disk

$ dinit 4 +h

and now you have a 2nd disk so you could:

$ backup 3:/ 4:/ +a

This creates a friendlier back that can access individual files. I’m pretty sure that the only thing you can do with an fbackup is to restore all the files on it.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot and report back.

It worked. First mounted the second disk. Then started the BU. Stated running good, but then lots of errors. That’s ok, I think the disks I’m using are messed up a bit. Will try again with different HDD’s.

For the second Hdd, 4:. Would it be type 7 (QNX) or 8 (QNY).

If it’s on a separate disk, it doesn’t matter whether it is 7 or 8. There is no conflict between partitions having the same type on different disks.

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Back to this again. It seems to start copying then after about 8 files , I get “Unable to create file 4:/cmds/file_name”. Then hit CR and it gets a bunch more and then the error again on a different file. That goes on for about 10 cr’s, then I get "unable to match file 3:/netdisks/QNX0005289, which I think is the S/N of the software set. Then a couple “cannot access” and “cannot read”, and then it completes and goes back to the command prompt. Do a dir command and it shows that it did copy and created a lot of directories.

Was this while creating the fbackup or restoring it? I’m not sure but your issues could be I/O errors or permissions. Are you running this as Super User? That would mostly remove permissions as a problem.

The files is /netdisks are license files. They are special. You can’t just copy using copy or cp. I’m not sure but the netdisk program may have a way to copy them. If this is an issue, send me an email at maschoen@gmail.com and I will give you more information. Usually to restore these to a disk you need the original license disks which I think can be copiled using diskcopy.