Using Zoo or Archive

Trying to use zoo, to archive a directory’s contents, including subdirectories. Can’t get it to work. It got some of the files. Does anyone know the commands to do this? There is also Archive.

I just saw your post, but it is midnight here. I will check on my QNX 2 system in the morning. I found this manual page:

however it might be too new to be of use. The QNX archiver is probably 30+ years old. You might check using the QNX 2 convention to see if there is any documentation in the program:

zoo ?


So this is the documentation embedded in the program.

It does not seem to be able to archive a directory however the following two methods might work for you.

zoo a archive.zoo tmp/*

This will archive all the files in the tmp directory.

If you want to archive a multi-level directory, this seems to work

files -v tmp | zoo aI archive.zoo

With the I option, you can pass a list of filenames via stdin.

And if for some strange reason, you need a consultant who knows QNX 2, you know where to find me, :slight_smile:

Thanks M. Yes I’ve come across these and the manual pages. I went straight for “H”. Problem is, just hard to translate. Wish I could find the “Great QNX Book of Examples”.

I’ve mentioned you many times to the boss.

The first one works, except it only gives me 8 of the more than 8 files, (I phrase this way because “|more” won’t function). The second one gives me a pipe error “unable to open” and “Incorrect number of arguments”. You know this is a damaged drive. That’s why I’m trying to get the files off it. Probably the reason things don’t go right. Just for fun I’m going to try a healthy drive.

I think that there is a privately written QNX 2 book on my shelf. I don’t know how it is for examples.