Install QNX 4 on pc

I would like to load QNX 4 on to a pc. I’m aware of the Tenox.pdp-11 QNX os directory. Can one just go and download what is needed to do the install for free. And if so, then how to go about it. I looked in the “How To” link, but I get a blank page. Thanks

The link to create a QNX 4 boot floppy works


Thanks Tim. Would this be the same as loading to a hard drive?

I believe the boot floppy is needed in order to install QNX4 on the hard drive. In other words, the floppy boots into QNX and from there you can install QNX to the hard drive (from other QNX4 floppies).

If you go here

He already has Virtual Machines set up for QNX 4 (various versions). I grabbed the QNX 4.25-VMWare.rar file and it looks like it’s a VMWare image you can run in VMWare player (free to download) that would already be setup with QNX 4.25. Not sure if it has the development environment or whether you want that or not (you’d need to run it in VM Ware and see).

In the QNX 4 directory
I grabbed the QNX 4.23 rar file (20 meg one) and it has all the development environments in it so you could manually install via floppy images (I think VMWare player can do that still).

What exactly are you wanting to do?


I just want to load a pc with QNX 4.? Basic install.

Just want to load QNX 4.? to desktop pc.

So you want to run QNX natively on an older PC and not in a virtual machine then?

If that’s the case, and you don’t care which version, I’d grab the 4.25 version which is the latest. In that QNX4 directory are 2 choices 4.25 floppy and 4.25. The Floppy archive has lots of floppy images in it (meant to be installed via floppy drive) while the other has a CD image meant for installing from a CD.

Depending on your PC hardware, select the right archive. Then you need to either burn the CD iso image to a CD or put the multiple floppy images on floppy disks. Then you can start the install. You’ll need a license key (he has some of those there too so grab one).


P.S. Not sure why you’d want to natively install on an older PC unless you needed to plug in some hardware cards or something. The VMWare machine that’s already setup and ready to go would seem to be the easier way to explore QNX 4.

Thank you Tim. this is great. I have to run now, but I will respond later tonight. Thank you so much.

Correct, hardware is why. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again.

I’ve downloaded most of what was on Tenox. I guess I’ll try the cd version. Is there a way to install from an external drive?

External USB CD Rom I presume you mean?

If so, I am not sure what support QNX 4 had for USB CDs. It might work since 4.25 was released after the year 2000.


Actually i meant an external hdd, sorry. Thx

Not that I know of.

You’ll need to burn a CD and install from that.

It goes without saying that your target PC needs to be old hardware (typically industrial PCs with motherboards made for compatibility with 1990s / early 2000s hardware) in order for QNX 4 to be able to work (ideally IDE hard drive, CD Rom etc). You might be able to get away with SATA in IDE emulation mode but that’s going to be more problematic.


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