QNX 4 Photon corrupted on cnc machine

Hello everyone.

I recently bought an old CNC machine and when I power it up I get this screen and then its rebooting whatever key I press.

I emailed the company and the told me that there must be a corrupted HDD. So they offered to sell me their (already purchased along with the CNC) software. I have no knowledge on QNX so is there a way to repair the QNX installation or anything else I can do?

I managed to run QNX 4.25 to WMware so I can make a USB bootable and maybe… repair the OS but I can’t create the USB. Will this help or is it a waste of time?

Thank you

Who did you buy the CNC machine from? I’d contact them and see if they know whether it was booting or not when they sold it to you (in other words was it sold as working or as is).

How do you know this machine is using QNX 4.25?

Even if you get your bootable USB working, I am not sure you’d be able to repair the O/S.

It seems more likely something in the BIOS settings accidentally got changed that is preventing the O/S from booting. It’s possible the PC is not the original PC for that CNC (that’s something else I’d ask about from the seller). A different PC (ie slightly different hardware in the PC) can definitely cause the O/S not to boot.


I agree with Tim. There is a chance that most of the files on the HD are intact but there is a boot file problem or a bios settings problem. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely try waiting for the Message “Esc for .altboot” to show up and quickly press ESC. QNX 4 has the option for two different boot files and startup scripts. Pressing the ESC will get you the alternate. Even if this boots, it might not solve the problem as the alternate startup script is often different and simpler. Still if you get the OS up and running, repairing the HD so that the default boot occurs is possible.

Let us know the results of this experiment and we can help you go forward. BTW, where are you located. If you are in the SF bay area, I could conveniently help you.