.ifs Files

I have a .ifs file already made with a stripped down version of QNX 6.2. I want to be able to boot from this but I’m not sure how I can do this? Do I just copy the file onto a Floppy Disk and boot from there or do I have to create an image of some sort.

Sorry I’m new to this so please help

If this is an existing system:
If you just want to change an existing system, you can copy the new .ifs file over the existing .boot file in the root dir.

You will notice that when your system boots, you see a message “Hit esc for altboot”
This allows you to recover if your new file does not work for some reason.

So the procedure would be:

  1. cp /.boot /.boo-original
  2. cp new.ifs /.boot
  3. reboot if all is ok — great
    if not - hit esc when prompted (only small time window).
    cp /.boot-original /.boot
  4. correct errors.

If this is a new system, or you just want to try out your boot file on a floopy, you need to format the floppy
using ‘dinit’
The help pages are pretty good for this, I suggest you have a read.