QNX Installation on x86 PC

Hi All,

I tried to install QNX 6.3 SP 3 on x86 PC but installation stops after boot process starts from the CD.

It stops while scanning the devices, after that nothing is happening.
Hence, I have booted the CD in verbose mode. The following prints are displayed after that it stops the installation process.

(1) xpt_configure - No mvSata interfaces found.
(2) some prints related to mounting the cd drive to the hard disk

Can anyone help me out on this issue?
How can I fix this issue and continue the installation process

Thanks in Advance,

these are from qnx6.3 sp3 installation guide.

we recommend you use the following bios settings:
disable plug and play os.
set any parallel ports and on board serial ports to specific addresses, if possible, instead of using an automatic setting.
enable SATA if your system includes an SATA driver.

Exactly … but do you know how to install neutrino os on vmware?
Please let me know

Just like you would on any normal PC. You need to download the QNX6 neutrino version ( as opposed to the Windows version)

I created a vmware image using 6.3.2-nto632-200709070203-x86 that I downloaded from qnx.com yesterday.

You can get this zip file, unzip onto your machine, and use VMWare to open and boot it. Once it’s up inside vmware, you can login as “root” with no password (just hit enter for password). Now you have a full QNX 6 environment.

To Enter your license key, run:
finstall -l (it’s letter L)
To launch the photon gui, run:

If you are happy with the Photon GUI and want the system to boot automatically into Photon, run:
rm /etc/system/config/nophoton

File: qnx-632-vmware-image.zip
Size: 249007468
md5sum: 9f7f13d12f9a6e922ae84ca7b546c1f1


For faster download, use Bit Torrent client: openqnx.com/downloads/qnx-63 … ip.torrent

For slower direct download:
openqnx.com/downloads/qnx-63 … -image.zip

had download ,thanks