Create QNX OS virtual machine image for different architectures

I’m using QNX SDP 7.1 on Linux 20.04.
I would like to create bootable disk-images for different CPU architectures(x86, armle-v7, aarch64le) on QEMU. For the purposes of QNX, QEMU is a practical tool for quick tests and troubleshooting.
The SDP 7.1 provides you with the mkqnximage utility but the only QNX Guest CPU Architecture it currently supports is x86_64 so I can’t use it for creating images in armle-v7 & aarch64le.
With mkifs I can create an image file system file out of a buildfile but how can I produce a bootable raw disk image for QEMU ? After checking online different ways I found this post which seems to provide a confident solution. The problem I’m facing now is that the dinit utility isn’t available for the QNX 7.1 SDP. So as far as I have understood dinit for this particular case will be used to create a disk file1 and write the specified operating system boot image to the /.boot file on the newly initialized disk file1. Is there another utility which can do the work of dinit in my case ?

That post you linked to from Foundry27 specifically says:

Non-x86 targets#

The startup for non-x86 targets is a little different. They can’t boot directly from disk images, and require a kernel image passed as an argument. This section will be updated as soon as I know how to make them work.

I don’t believe you are going to be able create VM’s for non-x86 targets using disk images. So you won’t need dinit (As an FYI, in QNX7, dinit isn’t needed because it uses mkqnx6fs)

This was never updated so it’s possible no one yet has created a non-x86 QNX VM for QEMU.


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