QNX 7.0 Screen Does Not Working on R-Car


I have Renesas R-Car M3W board. I installed screen graphics from QNX Software Center for SDP 7.0 and I used default
graphics build file. The board working but screen does not work. I saw this error on slog2info:

Jan 01 00:00:02.090 screen.77843 slog* 300 screen: starting up...
Jan 01 00:00:02.090 screen.77843 slog 300 screen: Configuration file: /usr/lib/graphics/rcarm3/graphics.conf
Jan 01 00:00:02.094 screen.77843 slog 200 [rcardu]ERR : Did not detect a supported revision of chip: 5220

My chip revision is:

NOTICE:    PPR is R-Car M3 Ver.3.0

How can I resolve this issue?

Best Regards,

This seems a little obvious. QNX has a driver for the chip, and it has a revision number embedded in it. Most likely and the driver does not know if it will work with that chip. There are a few options.

  1. Check the parameters of the driver. Sometimes you can override this type of error. There’s no telling if the driver will still work, but in my experience, the hardware API on such boards rarely is not backward compatible.

  2. Get the driver source, dismantle the version check and see if it works.

  3. Contact QNX support.