[solved] QNX2 - randomly can no longer access floppy

[edit 4 / solved] for crying out loud, I was forgetting the slash after the colon.

I’ve got an older Dell Optiplex with an instance of QNX2 installed on its hard drive.
I had recently removed the hard drive for other purposes, it was out for about a month.

Upon reinstalling the drive and booting the machine back up to continue testing some things, I can no longer access disks in the floppy drive.

I do not think it is hardware related, as I can boot the machine FROM the floppy drive with both a 1.4mb DOS disk as well as a 720k QNX disk; and within DOS I am able to see and access the file structure of DOS disks.

In QNX,using CD command to switch to the drive returns “cd failed
if I run DFS START 0 A=1 to enable dos file ability, I get the same error with the CD command
LS 1: returns “unable to access
LS A: returns “unable to open

When I make these attempts, the access light on the drive does light up…

I may be overlooking something very simple but I’m not yet acquainted to lots of the nuances and quirks of QNX. What else can I attempt?
do I need to re-mount the floppy? ( MOUNT DISK 1 T= N= H= would those values be 80, 18, 2 respectively?) …that didn’t do anything productive.

edit: the particular software that runs on this QNX instance was apparently able to format a dos disk through its own interface, but I am still unable to access the drive directly via the shell

edit 2: the QUERY command returns information on QNX formatted disks
edit 3: Okay, the CP command successfully copied a file to a DOS disk which I confirmed by inserting the disk into a windows machine.

This definitely leads me to think I am just overlooking something supremely simple somewhere.

I see you found your problem. The confusion is quite understanable if you are working with both msdos and qnx. Dos has the idea that each drive has its own current diriectoery. With qnx 2 there is only one so if you change disk that the current directory is pointing to, you have to start from the root.

If you run into other problems, I still have a good working knowledge of QNX 2. and am happy to help out. You can also contact me directly at maschoen@pobox.com