Windows->QNX4 commands

Hi, I’ve got a legacy system project involving a bunch of W2K and QNX4 computers on an (isolated) TCP/IP network. I am trying to figure if there is a practical way I can send shell commands from W2K → QNX4, as part of some automation scripts I’m building on the main W2K computer. I was able to figure out W2K->W2K using cygwin and openssh. But ssh does not appear to be installed on any of the QNX4 nodes and I don’t know where to get a build for that.

I was thinking maybe somebody here has an openssh build for QNX4, or if there is some other approach, like telnet or some other remote login protocol? I do have a copy of Phindows for remote login, but it seems to be only design for interactive use, i.e., it doesn’t seem to have a feature to just pass a shell command through.

You mentionesd telnet. That is the obvious solution. Is there some reason you reject this? Telnet has become unpopular on external networks but there is no security risk for an internal system.

An alternative could work like this. Build a TCP/IP server for QNX 4. It isn’t the greatest implementation of TCP/IP but it should work for this purpose. The server can then execute your commands and return the output if you like. I could probably do the QNX 4 side of this for you in 5 hours or less. I haven’t work with TCP/IP on W2K as much but if it is Win7 compatible, I could probably do that too.

Telnet is appealing approach. Looking now, I see that telnetd is already running on the QNX nodes. I have some work to do, I think, to get telnet client installed on the W2K computer, and to figure out how to send commands non-interactively through the telnet client, but it sounds doable.

My cygwin install has both the telnet client and also the “expect” software, so I should be good.

FTR, figured out I could do the process handling with Elisp instead of expect.

I don’t know what your Windows needs are but. Putty is a really good Windows telnet client.