Compact flash for Single board computer(SBC)

I have a QNX 4.2.5 based system wherein I would like to replace the Compact flash card. I am using Industrial grade CF but still out of 10 copies of the Compact Flash, only one works in the system. Is there any particular way to copy the CF in QNX based system. Additionally, I would like to do some editing in the boot sequence and deleting of log files in the CF. Is it possible??

Let’s assume you copy the CF sector by sector. The only reason I know of that a copy would not boot is that its boot time configuration of heads/cylinders/sectors does not match. This would surprise me if it was true, but it is possible. Even more unlikely would be if the two CF’s are the same brand/model.

To edit the boot sequence or delete log files you would either need shell access to the machine, or you alternatively could mount the CF on another QNX 4 computer and edit from there.