Getting USB Flash Disk to show up in /dev


I think I am starting up OK with these lines in my QNX6 sp3 build file:
io-usb -dehci -dohci -duhci &
waitfor /dev/io-usb/io-usb
devb-umass &
, plus the other stuff.

However, during boot up I get an error:
unknown symbol: usbd_hcd_ext_info

After booting, I do get what I’d expect in /dev/io-usb
I do not get a /dev/hd1 (which I’d expect for the Flash disk)

I run

usb -v

and get the following error:

/proc/boot/usb[2]: {some symbols }: not found

Thanks for the help,

Does you image contains the corresponding .so for ehci, ohci, uhci and all other usb related stuff?

Yes the image does for sure.
Now, what I think I may have is some missing pieces in lib and sbin. For example the hid stuff. Even if I am not running Photon, I may need it in the boot image? (Reason is I have loaded QNX6 on a machine without USB and then one with USB… the files differ by the usb AND the hid components…so do the lib and sbin directories, which I have fixed but maybe not entirely)…
I was hoping the error messages would confirm this.

No the hid stuff is only usefull if you need to support a mouse or keyboard.

Do you have ( not sure if it’s needed ).

Or do export LD_DEBUG=1 and run usb again it should tell you which dll it’s looking for and couldn’t find.

good to have confirmation re hid thanks.

yes I kept in build file

Nothing changed with export. Get same usb error as above.

I can’t get the standard to find USB devices either with this particular installation, so it means I am missing some something else, since another installation does find USB devices on the same target. I will take a deeper look into it.

So, no need to go any further on this for me, unless those error messages mean anything to someone… out of curiosity.

Much thanks.