Application in QNX version 4.23A

I´ve an application in QNX version 4.23A, I need to emigrate it to a current version. Is the current version recommendable to my application can work correctly ? . Where I can check the differences between the versions that exist of QNX?

Do you want to take it from 4.23A to 4.25 or to QNX6?

I want to take it from 4.23A to QNX6.

QNX6 is not source or binary compatible with QNX6. The amount of work depend on how QNXish your code is. If it’s mostly POSIX is should be fairely simple. If it’s full of qnx4 stuff (interrupt, dev*) it can be a pain.

There is a migration kit to help ease porting, I have never used it myself. Prefer to do a clean port.