Connecting QNX to the Internet

Hi all,

i’m very new to QNX, so quite possibly my question has a very simple answer; let’s hope it does.

I have QNX 4.25 running in VMware under Linux. I assigned a virtual Ethernet adapter to it (NAT). Now i’m trying to connect to the internet from this virtual machine, the aim being to download some tools from this very site.

So far i’m not getting any connection. I’ve been browsing the QNX help files, but haven’t found a guide on how to install a network device. Here’s what i did so far:

#show_pci            (only the relevant output)
Class           = Network (Ethernet)
Vendor ID   = 1022h, Advanced Micro Devices
Device ID    = 2000h, 79C970 Ethernet adapter
PCI index    = 0h
                      IO @ 1080h
PCI Int Pin  = INT A
Interrupt line= 10

Logical Lan  Physical                TX Count      Last TX Fail Time
1          1     000c29 2CC447   ;            0

#ifconfig -a
ifconfig: socket: No such process

node1: bad value

#ifconfig -a
ifconfig: ioct1 (SIOCGIFFLAGS): no such interface

Please let me know what other information is needed to solve my problem.

You need to start a driver, which looks like it was done since the netmap database contains an entry.

Then you need to start Tcpip. At least you seems to have it installed. Depending on the version of TCP/IP (4.25 or 5.0) you need to start “Socket” or “Tcpip”, and then dhcp.client if you have a dhcp server. If not then it becomes basic tcpip configuration (dns, ip, gateway, etc) which I will for now assume you are familiar with.

There might also be a script called netstart that could do it all automaticaly that depends on how your machine was installed.

Make sure you are using bridge network under VMWware.

I’ve found out a couple more things since last time (like -a not being an option for ifconfig in QNX), but still didn’t get the connection to work.

My (virtual) network device is automatically detected by nettrap:
Found a PCI ne2100 (AMD79C970/974) ethernet card, I/O port at 1080, IRQ 10

I think i have all necessary drivers and services running; from “ps aux”:
/bin/Net.ether2100 -l1 -p1080 -i10
/usr/ucb/Socklet -p 1 -s 1 node1
/usr/ucb/inetd /etc/config/inetd.1
dhcp.client en1

VMware’s network device has the address When i try to connect to VMware’s dhcp (“if_up en1”) i get “if_up: retries exhausted”.
I can’t ping either. When i sniff for connections in linux, these attempts don’t show up at all.

Am i missing some driver or service that should be running in QNX? Or is the problem situated in VMware?

Personnaly I’ve always use bridge network which mean VMWare’s dhcp isn’t used.

As far as I can tell your configuration is ok. Make sure the file /etc/netmap doesn’t contain an entry that specifies a different MAC address the the virtual NIC’s MAC address.