How to change .boot file on QNX 6.3 install CD ?

How to change .boot file on QNX 6.3 install CD ?

I want to install QNX 6.3 on SBS CL9 computer
(which is without PS/2 controller)
and to do it I have to install QNX
on another computer and than change .boot file
or change .boot file directly on install CD.

It’s easier to install manually - kind of installation explained in Building Embedded Systems doc. Otherwise, if you prefer to change .boot file directly on install CD, you need much more steps. As I understand, this SBS computer can’t boot off install CD, and booting from CD implies (there are different methods but this explanation should be enough for QNX install CD) that there is a boot floppy disk image on CD, this image is used by BIOS as if booting was done off the floppy disk. You may extract the floppy disk image from CD, replace .boot file, and then reburn CD using your altered floppy image for bootable CD. This should be enough to be able to boot SBS computer off your custom install CD. Also, there is likely .boot file on CD (or inside of .qfs files which are qnx file system files placed over cd filesystem - you can mount them as qnx raw device to look inside) which should be replaced. This second step is needed to place correct .boot file during installation itself. If QSS changed something (last install CD I looked at was QNX 6.1) and now they’re making IFS (mkifs) to generate .boot file dynamically during installation you may need changes to different scripts.

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Sorry, I just asked Google about SBS CL9 computer because I was not aware SBS manufactures good developers workstations. And it looks like SBS don’t, and CL9 is a single-board 3U compact PCI computer. Therefore I would like to add a few words. QNX install CD is meant as installation of QNX Neutrino native development environment (which is called Momentics). In other words, this CD should be used to install OS and development tools for QNX development on developer’s workstation. For single-board computers like CL9, please read documentation how to creat and transfer embedded system. You don’t need a ton of tools and drivers you’re trying to install from install CD onto SBC. Generally, you use install CD to create development workstation (install everything on desktop PC), develop your software, build your image for embedded system and then transfer this embedded system to your SBC. You may build embedded system which could be a target development system for running and debugging your software while in development, but you should not use install CD for installing QNX on targets.

boot image (1.44 floppy emulation?) is directly on install cd -

  • its file called “INSTFLOP.DAT”, but I dont know
    how to extract files from INSTFLOP.DAT and than how to “rebuild” it ?

I’ve got my *.build files (text) and binaries
(.boot and .altboot - builded from my *.build files)
and I can replace \BOOT\FS\QNXBASE.IFS file on install cd,
but first I have to change INSTFLOP.DAT :frowning:

currently I need development environment;

INSTFLOP.DAT is a boot image but this is NOT the boot image I meant. This file is located directly on CD so user can create a boot floppy using qmakedsk.exe or “rawrite.exe” utility if there is some problem with booting directly from CD. You may mount this file (writable copy of this file) as a FAT12 file system and do modifications. Then, I guess, you may use this file as a 1.44 floppy image for creating bootable CD ISO image (or Nero will ask you for floppy or floppy image as soon as you start “Bootable CD project”).

P.S. SBS CL9 is a target computer, it is a very bad choice to be a development workstation. Almost any modern vehicle has a computer, but very unlikely you want to use that computer for development (i.e. run text editors, compilers, linkers, profilers, etc on it). That computer is a target, i.e. hardware where the result of development will run, but not a development workstation. Why do you want to use single board computer for development?

Sorry, I meant QNX file system of course.

how to mount this image (read / write access) in qnx 6.3
so I can see and change its files ?

Copy INSTFLOP.DAT from CD to temporary directory, check attributes so you have read/write access and then mount it. Read pages for “cp”, “chmod” and “mount” commands in Utilities Reference or type “use mount” in terminal. For example:

mount -tqnx /tmp/INSTFLOP.DAT /fs/boot-floppy

cd /fs/boot-floppy


Generally, it looks like you have to read manuals for “fdisk”, “dinit” etc. in order to init QNX partition on a target computer and copy all needed files there instead of creating install CD.