IDE question

QNX’s IDE have the run mode and debug mode.
If the project’s name is “sample”
I run the “sample_g” in the debug mode and run mode . It is ok!
But I run the “sample” in the run mode. It isn’t ok!
Who can tell me the quextion?

I don’t know what your question is to be honest, but there are two things that are going on here:

  1. You have the QNX Make structure that will create both debug and non-debug variants (hence
    the _g) with different compilation options. This will result in two different binaries that may have
    different runtime characteristics.
  2. The only difference between run mode and debug mode is if the debugger is involved or not.
    It isn’t about “picking a binary” since that selection is done in the launch configuration (I may
    want to run a debug or a non debug binary, I may want to debug a debug or non debug

So, again hopefully this clarifies things a bit, but playing Jeapordy here won’t get you much help.

Presuming you use your Debug-Binary in Debug mode and yor Release-Binary in Run mode and still encountering
problem in the release that did not happen during debug, points out to a race condition. I guess you try to use a
shared memory or similar within two threads or processes, then try locking/unlocking it.

You can also try (not recommend but may help) putting an sleep (delay) into one of your processes to see if it changes something.
I´ve never did this in QNX6, but in QNX4.25 i found a bug this way (also there were no threads yet :>).