Info needed on 'automount' feature


Please let me know if there are any known issues in terms of performance & stability in case I use the ‘automount’ feature to mount more than one filesystems on a device to the same mount point. Any problems or issues known, please provide details.

Assume that there is always a single filesystem present on the device with no partitions or what so ever…

EX: I have a USB stick. I format it to qnx4 file system.

  • insert the stick.
  • Automount shows /drive1.
  • I remove the stick.
    Now I reformat it to DOS and UNIX filesystems and repeat the process above.


devb-umass cam pnp disk name=udev blk automount=+udev0@qnx4:/drive1:qnx4:exe=all, automount=+udev0@ext2:/drive1:ext2:exe=all,

This means that what ever may be the filesystem on the device (qnx, dos, unix) it shall be always mounted to /drive1.

Thank you very much for your time and help.

This should be fine. Even if you end up with multiple devices plugged in, they will just union the filesystems together.

Hope this helps,