how to copy qnx system to CF card in windows?

my qnx system is prepare to be build on cf card,i need to build it using my notebook computer,but qnx doesn’t support the card reader,Is it possible that copy my qnx system to cf card under window?thanks

The best solution for this is a target board with hard disk and compact flash (possibly IDE>CF adapter).
Is this possible?
Then you can have a compact flash production rig.

I have installed QNX on vm-ware and use a USB CF card reader. Then I can copy the image to QNX and from QNX to the flash card.


Behrens,if the cf card is wrong,how to format cf using dinit under windows?or you have good way to init the cf card.

I used the dinit command in QNX installed in vm-ware.
As I can see from the dinit documentation it should be possible to init a CF card using something like this on windows (I have not testet it):

dinit -h -f hello.ifs a:

a is the drive letter.
hello.ifs is the boot image

Can you see the cf card in qnx using vm-ware?

Yes, in vm-ware you can chose which devices your virtual machine can use. I use a USB CF card reader in this way.

Please read this post regarding a vm-ware/QNX usb problem

Assuming io-usb is running I mount the CF card like this:

devb-umass cam pnp
mount /dev/hd2t79 /fs/disk


Since you’re using a laptop, you can also get a pcmcia card reader. This allows you to add the CF card as a second hard drive using the “use a physical disk” option. Or you could boot directly to the CF card in VmWare by creating a virtual machine with only one hard disk, the CF card.

This allows you to add the CF card as a second hard drive using the “use a physical disk” option.please tell me how to do,thanks.

I have get a pcmcia card reader,in windows I can see the card,but in qnx in fs i can’t see the card and in /dev i can only see hd0 and can’t see hd1

how to use devp-pccard to find my cf card in qnx6.2.1,thanks.

starting driver:
pccard-launch -vn ‘0x400,devb-eide eide ioport=0x300:0x30c,irq=3,noslave blk automount=hd1t77:/fs/pccard_cf’ &

when port & irq show “pin” utility

if i use vmware,can it support pcmic card?