How can I get rid of the Partition selection at boot time?


I only have one partition on my CF card that is entirely devoted to QNX.

At boot time, the QNX boot loader still pauses for a couple of seconds to allow me to select a partition to boot from.

Is there a way to just bypass this wait entirely and just start loading the O/S image?

I looked at dloader and I understand it’s purpose but there are no actual examples of creating a custom loader as talked about in the helpviewer (or at least I didn’t find any in the directory that dloader normally looks in). Is there a way for dloader to remove the pc1 image (which I assume is what is waiting for the partition to be selected) or can I easily create my own?

Note. The QNX partition is the active one in fdisk (since it’s the only one).




Thanks. A quick spatch changed the 0x48 to 0x01 and it works like a champ.

The hardest part was satisfying the name requirements of the ipl-* file family for dloader. It took a while for me to realize the name HAD to be ipl-diskpc1-(your extention here)