is it possible to run PhAB application without opening..

Sorry to ask such a silly question, I am new to QNX,

my question is how to run PhAB application program without openiing the development environment, when the programming completed, can I run it from the terminal?

Assuming that you have compiled the application, i.e. build in Phab.
You will end up with an executable that you just run.
You can even do the build without Phab, just go to your project directroy and type make.

Phab is just a GUI to place compunents, it generates C source code that can be edited in a basic text editor. In fact you can build a Photon application with out Phab (though it is a bit difficult to get started).

You might also want to note that there is a standard set of parameters you can use with your photon program, along with any you might add. These can be used to set the starting X,Y coordinates of the main window, for example.