eQip software description

And are there any design specifications or descriptions to the software available at
sourceforge.net/project/showfile … p_id=86781

Are there other applications in developpment somwhere?
I’m looking for address-book and calendar.

Werner Schweizer

From that URL you posted, have you tried to click the “Home Page” link?

Yes, I have.
There I can find the proposal.
But no description, how the existing source code and the libraries are organised.
No help, how to start development.
Is there anyone, working with it or developing additional applications?

I suggest you join the eqip mailing list and talk to the eqip developers directly.

The project is kinda in suspended mode right now … :frowning: I have written 2 apps for it, in
case you are interested, you can download them from my web site www.kirilla.com, It’s
Etch-a-Sketch and Phumb Browser.