Boot image file

QNX host in the HD: In the “/” , there are
.altboot .bitmap .boot .diskboot .inode .longfilename
And in the “/root” , there are
.cfg .lastlogin .mozilla .ph .profile

My person boot image. In the “/” , there are
.altboot .bitmap .boot .diskboot .inode .longfilename
But in the “root” there are not.


First of all, .file is just a hidden file.

The hidden files in the /root directory are generally config files.
So .mozilla is directory where mozilla keeps up settings, cache and …
.profiles is loades when you log in as root and is a config to set general environments.
.ph is config for photon
.lastlogin just saves the last login

these are just available or being created if you use mozilla/photon whatever.
For .lastlogin im not sure what needs to be edited that this shows up in /root
.profile can be created by your own.