Vmserver and Net.ether2100 only at 10 meg

I have loaded Vmserver (and Vmworkstation) on server 2003 sp1 with QNX 4.25 and it worked well. I have loaded 2 network cards (1 for fleet and 1 for TCPIP). Both work fine, as far as coming up and connecting.
I can see my Qnx network and my Socklet in connecting to the outside world.
The question I have is Net.ether2100 only loads as a 10 Meg card.
I put the -s100 in and netinfo still shows both cards only at 10 Meg.
Does anyone know how to change the rate to 100 in either Vmserver or VmWorkstation.
Thanks for any help with this.

Last time i tried this, the bandwidth indicated by netinfo -l is irrelevant. Data will flow much faster then this.

Thanks mario
is there any way in QNX to see what the data rate is when we are sending data?

if it`s from QNX to QNX something like cp -V /dev/hd0 /net/…/dev/null

Or just ftp to or from the machine.