QNX4 and VMWare ESX

Did anyone install QNX4 on VMWare ESX 3 ?

VMWare emulates BusLogic BT-946C scsi controller and LSI Logic LSI20320 scsi controller…
According to QNX website BusLogic controller is supported from QNX version 4.21 :
qnx.com/developers/hardware_ … =FileSys#3
We have QNX 4.25B installation CD.
Installer detects controller in section “PnP/PCI Resourcesâ€

ESX doesn`t support IDE?

You might try to manually start Fsys.aha4scii and see if any of its options help detect the virtual disk.

Its strange that the driver sees the controler but not the disk, might be a compatiblity issue. If my memory isnt mistaken I think I once got QNX4 to install in VMWare WorkStation using the SCSI option instead of IDE.

No, esx supports only IDE CD-Rom, but no IDE HDD

Fsys.aha4sci with no parameters shows:
No Adaptors Found!
“Fsys.aha4scsi fsys -n0=scsi aha4scsi -a1060 -i11 &” shows:
“%1 + 115 Running Fsys.aha4scsi fsys -n0=scsi aha4scsi -a1060 -i1”
But no device is created in /dev

I`m not sure if the drives sees the controler, installes sees controller on PCI bus, but there is problem with the driver

Update Information:

We’ve successfully installed QNX4 on VMWare ESX 4.

Indeed, it is possible to configure a IDE virtual disk in VMWare ESX 4. This allowed us to properly install QNX4.

Thanks for the info. Maybe it’s new to ESX4.

If you are not tight to ESX you can also use the Xen4.0
With the Xen4.0 it is possible to passthrough PCI devices and it is absolutely not comparable with Xen3.xx in compiling it yourself with a actual kernel.
The HowTo is really good.