Hi guys,
I need some introduction on this platform,if you are using neutrino its better,

I need help on simple makefiles in qnx, i have previous experince on linux i know what makefile does i just WANT TO SEE AN EXAMPLE.

Are you asking about bringing up a 5200 under Neutrino? Have you looked a the build file that comes with the 5200 QNX BSP?


Presently iam working with application only,but i am VERY much intrestedd to learn QNX drivers ,I have previous exposure at linux kernel drivers,but QNX has user level drivers i guess.

My request to you is i need an example
1.Makefile for application or driver compilation
2.Any simple driver u have written -anything will go a simple helloworld dirver will do

Somewhere around you will find the /dev/nul driver source. This is a simple example of the resource manager structure.
When the term “driver” is bandied about with QNX 6, there is a lot of room for confusion. The resource manager provides the ability to add a typical /dev/device interface to any hardware, however there are some special cases.
Network drivers function a little differently, and must interact with io-net. Video card drivers are somewhat special too, in that they need to support specific video related calls. Likewise block, byte oriented and audio drivers have a special requirements. There are toolkits with examples of these that you can get through your rep.

If the interface you desire from your device is the standard open/close/read/write, or is close enough that you can supliment it with ioctl calls, then the resource manager structure is what you want to look at.