USB keyboard and QNX4.25

I bought new Intel motherboard DP35DPM. This device doesn’t have any PS/2 connectors for keyboard or mouse, have only USB ports. So I have to use USB keyboard.
But I can’t use this keyboard in QNX. I run devu-kbd driver in sysinit and I got /dev/usbkbd0 device, but QNX doesn’t use it as input device. I tried to start devu-kbd -n /dev/kbd, before starting Dev.ansi and after, I got /dev/kbd, but it doesn’t help.
I read how to use it in Photon, but I don’t have Photon.

Does anyone have an idea, how to start using USB keyboard without Photon?

I found some new information.
When I boot QNX from HDD, keyboard works. But after I start io-usb, it stops working.
So I can’t use USB flash disks and USB floppy (this board doesn’t have old fdd connectors).

Please help me.

you can try to add some parameters after io-usb.

I tried to start io-usb with “-b ehci” and “-b uhci” with different pindexes. Keyboard usually works after it, but I didn’t find my flash disk. I found it once, but keyboard disappeared.
I also tried to start script with io-usb and show_pci > log.txt to find some unicue information about position of flash disk. Flash was connected to one physical connector but each time I found it on different positions in log file. So I don’t know how to say io-usb -dont_touch_my_lovely_keyboard :slight_smile: