Driver for PCI serial RS 422 card

I am using a PCI RS 422 card for an application on QNX 4.25 plateform. Unfortunately driver for the card is not available from the vendor side.
I am trying to write a low level for it but all the steps are not known to me very clearly. The programme so far I have written does PCI BIOS detection and it finds the device in the bus. Now how to proceed further for actual communication. Is there any command in QNX 4.25 for getting details of PCI device attached to the system. I am new to this type problems. Can anybody please tell me all the steps to do the communication.

Look at _CA_PCI family of functions.

Normally, supplied with QNX serial driver works fine, all you need is to supply i/o base address and interrupt number used by the PCI card to the driver. To gather details of PCI devices you may use ‘show_pci -vvv’ command.