Installation problem

I’m trying to install QNX 6.1 on a PC. When I reboot after installation during booting process the QNX shows some messages like

Range check failed (IO) - DEV5513 -VEND 1039 -Class1018aç

After that, the PH start but even when i can type usr. root pasw. root
on PH…neither the keyboard nor the mouse seems to be working. How can I fix this problem.

Thanks Truly

Probably by upgrading to the latest version. 6.1 is very old.

Ok It works. I didn’t check out for newer OS systems before you mentioned … I Downloaded and Installed QNX 6.2 and there where no more error messages…even so…the mouse is not working…how can I Fix this problem?

6.3.0 SP3 is the latest. Lots of work went into supporting USB devices ( I assume your mouse and keyboard are USB) in SP3.

Hello, no, the PC is quite old, It has no USB nor PS2 port. there is a solution to the mouse problem without changing the OS to 6.3.0 SP3?..the download version at is the 6.3.0 evaluation version…but where I can find the the SP3?