Restoring a tape backup in QNX 4.25


I have a QNX 4.25 system which I need to restore a backup from Friday 08/24 due to an input error by a secretary that fouled up my PO number file. The trouble is this system was administrated by my now deceased brother who unfortunately idnt leave me the information on how to restore a backup if I needed to. It has a DDS3 tape drive but I dont know how to access it or what the correct command would be to restore the last backup. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I have full administrator privileges to access the system.

It depends how the back was done. Try this:

tape rewind
pax -r “Filename” -t/dev/tp0

Filename should be the complete path of the file you want to restore or don’t specify any filename if you want to restore everything, but that might overwrite stuff you have done since the last backup.

I found the tape driver Fsys.aha4scsi but I am at a loss from there. I appended my company data on Friday and that is the data I need to restore. I believe he saved everything in the tar format

How do I find the list of files on the tape and how would I be sure I used the correct one? Are the files date tagged like dos?

When the driver Fsys.aha4scsi starts, it should create the device such as /dev/tp0 that mario mentioned. You can then use the “pax” (or tar) command to list files, extract files etc, from /dev/tp0
Do a “ls /dev” to make sure the device is there.

Well I have started the driver but I cant find the device. When I type /dev /tp0 I get permission denied if I type /dev/tp0 it says device not found. If I type tape rewind it tells me resource is busy and hangs. Any ideas? IF someone can PM or email me a phone number to call and walk me through it I would seriously appreciate it.