Planar EL640.480 support

I’m trying to get QNX to work properly with the Planar EL640.480-AA1 display and it doesn’t appear to be working correctly. It’s a color display but none of the colors seems to be coming out.

Here are some of the options that I’ve tried to get the display to work with no success:

io-graphics -dgeode index=0,photon,xres=640,yres=480,bitpp=8 -pphoton

io-graphics -dvga vid=0x1078,did=0x104,index=0,photon,xres=640,yres=480,bitpp=4 -pphoton 

io-graphics -dgeode photon,xres=640,yres=480,bitpp=8 -pphoton 

Does anyone have experience with this display using QNX?

Thanks in advance,