Playing MPEG audio


I am trying to play .mp3 formatted music in 6.3, but I get the error message that ‘’ cannot be loaded. I’ve searched and it doesn’t appear to be on the system, nor do any other media libraries.

A quick search indicates that those media libraries come with Xing DVD Player. Is this an additional package that must be installed? Or is there something that I didn’t install properly in 6.3?


Multimedia Technology Development Kit ( … media.html) → $$$$.

But here is another way: you can copy missing files from QNX 6.2.1. :slight_smile:
(RUS) … topic=3043

Worked like a charm!

It wasn’t too hard to translate the message from Russian to English…but is there any way to view this site completely in English? They seem to have a lot of resources.

Thanks again,