pwm -F

Hi, I would like to get a little bit wider window frame in Photon. How can I get that? Using pwm -F…? Could you send an example?
Thanks Vlastik

Do you mean, how to make an application window wider in Photon, or
do you mean that Photon is not covering the whole width of the monitor?

I mean mean, how to make an application window FRAME wider in Photon

Well there’s the Duh! method. You use your mouse to grab the window edges and move them.
If this is not your application, it is always possible that the program will prevent this.

If you are asking how to do this programatically, look at the Window widget. If you adjust its height and width properties, it should do what you want, however within the window, things may not adjust properly unless you have set up your anchors properly.

Are you asking how to make the window border thicker?

Yes, i want to get in each window the border thicker (specially the upper part of the border). I guess, it is possible via pwm -F but I don´t know how to use it. I haven´t seen any sample. Thaks for help in advance.

If there’s no documentation on this option, and no one here has done this before, you will probably need to contact tech support. From the use description, is sure looks like you can customize the look of the pwm using this option. Hmm, I suppose if you could get the source to pwm, it might be easy to change it directly.