C++ Sample code???

I’m new to QNX and would like to start a new project in C++, but I can hardly find any sample code in C++. Can anyone recommend any books or links?

Also, I wonder if it does involve a lot of works to do it in C++ and does it worth the time to develop the code in C++ for Real-time application? I’m running the code on a P4 machine so code size is not an issue to me.



It depends what you want to do, if you’re wanting to do command-line/server stuff, almost all the info yuo will need is available from any C++ source. For GUI apps, you can either use C for the graphical stuff, or look at something like Zinzala, which is a C++ framework for Photon, and has a nice tutorial on the website.




Thanks for your advice. If I want to develop a multi-threaded Real-Time Control Software in C++, can I find some kind of sample code that I can use as my framework???


Roger, I’m afraid real-time is not really my thing, you could try contacting QNX, see what they have. There is also an IRC channel you could ask on, available on this site called ‘Live QNX support’



Hi Roger,

Maybe I can help you ? :slight_smile: I’m the author of Zinzala, which is a C++ SDK for QNX. I haven’t released it yet, but I will be very happy helping you if you need help for your project.