Did you guys noticed the teaser on www.qnx.com

  • Mario

Yes i noticed, and i said to myself:

Everything gets better on 12th of Sept. ^^

Now for real, im bit excited to see what will be on 12th of Sep.

I think that you’ll like what we’ve got in store. I know that I’ve enjoyed working on it for the past several months.

interesting… what can it be… :wink:

eetimes.eu/germany/201805505 ( I didn’t leak it)

Is that their big announcement? As often as they’ve changed direction over the years it was inevitable that they’d catch up with themselves.

it’s beginning…

Teaser no more: Take a look at the full details now
or just cut to the heart of foundry27:

I truly was pleasantly surprised. But i cannot update my account yet ^^

logout and login again. at least it help with mine account.

Tried to register on the new QNX site, but “support7.qnx.com” was down and I couldn’t read the service agreement.

Slashdotted into oblivion.