QNX doesn't list any directories

I’m running QNX 6.2 on 2 computers. Everything seemed to be working fine until the other day. Now on both PCs if I type ls I don’t see any directories. Also if I do ps, the only processes I see running are login, -sh, & ps.

I don’t know what’s happened or what to do about it. Can anyone offer advice?

You need to do ps -a I beleive to see all processes.

Thanks for the reponse. I tried that but still have the same results. Under normal conditions, I used to see about 20 processes running. Also, when I do a ps and view the running processes all the time stamps say 00:00:00.

6.2 is old, it might be a problem that was fixed in the more recent release. Most probably not a hardware problem since it happened on two computers, so most probably a hardware problem.

It’s impossible that only login sh & ps run, I’m not familliar with ps, can you post the output of pidin

…and just to add, that you can now freely download the most current release for non-commercial use…