Fsys.umass doesnt add to /dev !

Under qnx4.25, i run Fsys.umass to access my usb stick, it is reporting the correct usb stick information as ‘lexar’, but when i go to /dev, there is not there, no /hd1 !!

under qnx6.3, devb-umass works fine…

what’s going on?? i assume Fsys.umass isn’t working on all usb sticks???
i have tried other brand like ‘sandisk cruezer’, no luck neither!

qnx6.3 has it’s own problems with sticks. On qnx6.3 sticks that are not partitioned do not mount properly. I haven’t used sticks with qnx4, but it might be something for you to try. You also cannot trust the stick manufacturer. We have two factory fresh Kingston DataTraveler 512MB sticks with the exact same model number - one came partitioned and the other did not.

Not all USB-Sticks work on QNX4, but in my experience almost 90% do and I have tested a few.
Some sticks are recognized as Floppy-Drive. I havent found a way, to access them.

You can specify the device name e.g Fsys.umass fsys -n0=hd_usb &