QNX installation on windows XP (x86)

Hi all,
I’m new to QNX just after it was made Open I downloaded it.
I downloaded “Lite Version - x86 target only” from QNX site.
Installation was peaceful I can compile programs using IDE (4.0.1) ;no issues. But however I can’t run the programs. I get exec failure error.
And second thing is I require some help in getting Phindows running.
Installation has created folders named “host” and “target” but i don’t know how to use them.
Do I require some more things to get this working?
How to install Neutrino on say some VMWare?
Please give me pointers to some docs that can help me.

Neutrino executables don’t run in Windows, you need a target running QNX (possibly the same machine, install “Neutrino host” version in VMWare or in another partition/disk).

If you want a short introduction to developing an application on a Windows host and running it on a Neutrino target, see the Quickstart Guide. In the IDE’s help system, look for it under “A Roadmap to the QNX Momentics Development Suite”.

I’ve told the QNX folks several times that for newcomers, it’s not clear what they mean by ‘host’ and ‘target’. Many Windows and Linux users are not familiar with the approach of cross development. Even worse, offering a ‘Windows host’ version is interpreted sometimes as ‘a version of the QNX OS which can be run under Windows’. In other words: If you want to run the QNX Neutrino RTOS, you can NOT do it under Windows, you can only do it natively on a PC (it may be emulated with VmWare) or an Embedded board. For the PC, you need AN EXTRA CD IMAGE to install from (no, the Windows host CD won’t do it). For an Embedded board, you need a so called Board Support Package.

Hi All, I’m newbie to QNX too, so - where this image can be obtained ???
Could I install QNX OS on my PC (or vmware) using QNX Host CD ???

Hi andreyr,
Welcome to QNX world I also started recently.
QNX download site provides 3 ISOs Windows, linux and Neutrino self hosted.Download Windows/linux host ISO and the Neutrino self hosted ISO.
(Total around 500MB) The neutrino self hosted image must be burnt to CD in Disk-at-once way. Not track-at-once. Create one vmware virtual machine and start it. Your Neutrino self hosted CD should be in drive. Installation is simple if you ever have installed linux. Now burn the other cd Windows/Linux host. After you burn the cd, you can install it as any other software on to Windows/linux. Now the Windows/Linux software that you installed becomes Host and the virtual machine is your target. Refer to Getting started guide from the Momentics IDE help to run/debug your code.
Happy hacking

Hi badarinarayan,
Thanks for you prompt reply - all as I suggested but now my thoughts confirmed!