Video Drivers in QNX 4.25

I was trying to install a new video driver for a Radeon 7000. After installing the graphic patches to get the correct Pg file I ran crttrap where it selected the wrong driver which made the Photon GUI unusable. I know what file got altered and I have an older version of that file but I can’t replace it because the moniter won’t work in QNX now. Is there a way to bypass Photon and go directly to a shell or some other way I can fix this? Thanks.

Try to press esc to alt-boot when promted at startup.

Telnet into your QNX, change your configs/buildfiles not to start up on Photon and reboot.
(If ESC-for-altboot has a non-photon environment, just forget about the telnet part ^^)

You might also try CTRL-ALT Delete after the system is booted and the screen is blank. This might get you back to text mode.

Or… Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Backspace