help!! photon not found??

hi all: i’m trying to create a runnable qnx6 hard drive, from the runtime qnx 6.3 Neutrino CD, i copied qnxbasedma.ifs to .boot, qnxbase.ifs .altboot, unpacked qnxbase.qfs, the hard drive boots up, says ‘welcome to Neutrino’, then give me login, after i logged in as ‘root’, how do i start photon??? and sholdn’t the .boot starts photon automatically?

I tried to type ‘photon’, says it isn’t found

if i do a find, my hard drive shows it is installed: under /etc/photon, /usr/photon, /x86/etc/photon, /x86/user/photon

what’s going on??? I thought Photon should start automatically???

photon is started by “ph”

photon can be configured to start automatically, even it can be configured to not start automatically, i´m not quite sure what configuration qnxbase.qfs uses or even if there is a fully loaded photon included in the qnxbase.qfs

who runs ‘ph’ then?


Hmm, for me the Runtime CD automatically starts photon.

Are you sure you didn’t disable the auto start of photon when you did the intial install from CD (that is an option you have to click during install)

Look in /etc/system/config

If there is a file there called ‘nophoton’, remote it and photon will auto start. This is the file you create (ie touch /etc/system/config/nophoton) to enable/disable photon from automatically starting.



      i'm NOT using the runtime CD to make a hard drive. I'm trying to write a script simulate whatever CD's install program does.

      I just realized that microgui isn't installed which is required for Photon, the repository on the runtime CD has 'qnx6_gui.tarx', how can i extract from this file??