Photon thinks arbitrary serial device is a mouse

Recently I setup an old RAID unit which uses a serial port for control.
After I started up QNX, I notice that the mouse menus were popping up all by themselves. I also found that when I tried to use qtalk, that /dev/ser1 was in use. This all seems to mean, that along with my PS/2 mouse, Photon found the serial port, and was using the data coming out of it as mouse data.

How can I stop this from happening?

What arguments are being supplied to the input driver when it starts up? It might help to figure out what’s happening.

I’m not supplying any inputs. I haven’t done anything to configure Photon other than choosing the resolution. I’m ashamed to say I don’t really know how Photon starts up anymore. So I guess the answer to your question Ken, is the default.

It’s been a long time since I ran photon on a native x86 machine. Somewhere along the line either inputtrap or the ph script figures out how to start the input driver. On x86 neutrino I think it’s devi-hirun. A ‘pidin arg’ will tell what arguments it is started with. On our embedded products we write our own ph script which starts up stuff directly to avoid all the crap that the ph script does.

Thanks Ken, this put me on the right track I think.

In /usr/photon/ph there’s a line that checks whether PHINPUT is set. If it is not set, then it runs “inputtrap start”. If it is set, it runs $PHINPUT. inputtrap has a -x parameter, meaning exclude this device.
So the trick is where to set PHINPUT. The best I can come up with is in rc.sysinit where tinit is started, I can add a parameter after -P => PHINPUT=“inputtrap start -x /dev/ser1”

If anyone can think of a better way, I’d like to know. I’d rather not have a modified rc.sysinit.