Problems with MDS8360 (e300 PowerPC)

I’m working with the MDS8360E MDS evaluation board from Freescale. It has the e300 Core on it an I try to boot the QNX System with the Bootloader from the Beta BSP for the board. All seems to be ok, but when the Bootloader is searching for the Image and copied it to the RAM it won’t start UP. Sometimes I get the welcome Message from QNX but only if the eval board was disconnectet for a couple of minutes. Sometimes I get something like a memory dump, but this is more coincidentally.
My opinion is, that something is wrong with the Memory-Mapping. But the mapping is ok I think. SDRAM is on 0x000_0000-0x03FF_FFFF (64MB), Flash @ 0xFE00_000-0xFEFF_FFFF.
The funny thing is, that the uboot, which was shipped with the eval board, has no problems booting the QNX OS. I already tried to find the differences between uboot and QNX ISP initialisation, but the uboot is extremely unclearly because of the tons of macros etc.
Somebody knows about the problem. I think thats why they say “it’s beta” but the bootup process couldn’t complicate like that.

I’m searching for the problem for 3 weeks now, an I’m really frustrated. I also talked already with the QNX Support but they were not able to help me.

Greets MasterFX

I found it! The IPL initializes the DDR RAM wrong. Many timings are written wrong into the e300 registers.